Hardwood Flooring Cleaner

Things to Consider…

When cleaning wood floors, it’s critical to keep this one caveat in mind. Excess water will damage your floors. So, avoid using too much water, especially on your solid hardwood flooring. Instead, dust mop or vacuum your floor to remove surface-level dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris. Then, use a product like our Bruce Hardwood Flooring Cleaner. Just spray and wipe to restore your floor’s luster.

Choosing a Wood Floor Cleaner


Tackle spills, spots and scratches the right way, with these essential cleaning tips.

Everyday Wood Floor Care
Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Regularly clean up dirt and dust with a broom, dust mop or your vacuum’s wand attachment. For spills or spots, spray product and wipe up with a damp cloth or terrycloth swivel-head mop. For large areas, mist on product then wipe clean and dry with a swivel-head mop or soft towel. We do not recommend mopping with water.

Dirt and Spills
Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Lightly spray on surface and wipe clean using a sponge mop or soft cloth. No rinsing necessary, but dry any excess cleaner immediately with a clean towel.

Spots Caused by Food, Water, Animals, Grease, Lipstick, Crayon, Ink, Rubber Soles
Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Apply to a clean, soft cloth and rub the spot. For tough stains, try using a cloth dampened with mineral spirits, then clean again with the Bruce® hardwood floor cleaner product.

Stuck-On Chewing Gum and Candle Wax
Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Freeze with a sealed bag of ice until the gum or wax easily crumbles off. Then spray hardwood floor cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth.

Minor Scratches and Abrasions
Bruce® Touch-Up Kit or Bruce® Fresh Finish™

The Bruce kit’s markers or filler sticks easily touch up small scratches. To recondition larger worn-out areas, use Bruce® Fresh Finish.

Deep Scratches and Gouges
Bruce® Acrylic Fillers

Use this product to fill in gaps, small openings and broken edges on your own. For heavy damage, ask a professional flooring installer about replacing individual boards.

Need help? Refer to your Bruce® flooring warranty, or call us at 1-866-243-2726 for assistance and product recommendations.

Everyday Hardwood Cleaning Tips


Keep your Bruce floors looking and performing their best with a simple hardwood floor cleaning routine.

  • DO clean up any spills or tracked-in dirt immediately.

  • DO sweep, dust mop or vacuum regularly to keep floors free of dust and dirt.

  • DO use the wand attachment if you vacuum. Or at very least switch your settings to “bare floor” or disengage the beater bar to avoid possible damage.

  • DO clean hardwood floors occasionally with Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, using a soft-covered swivel-head mop.

  • DON’T use water or steam on hardwood floors.

  • DON’T clean your floors with products that can damage them, like ammonia-based or wax-based cleaners, detergents, bleach, polishes, oil soaps, abrasive cleaning soaps, or acidic substances like vinegar.

Floor Protection Tips


Your floors can stay beautiful for many years if you take these easy steps to protect them.

  1. Keep it clean. Wipe up spills immediately, and use floor-safe hardwood floor cleaners.
  2. Use mats. Reduce the dirt and moisture that get tracked inside—place natural or colorfast mats outside each entrance. Avoid rubber, foam back, or plastic mats, which can cause discoloration.
  3. Trim your pets’ nails. This will help minimize scratches.
  4. Use floor protectors under furniture legs. They should be at least an inch wide and made of non-staining felt or hard plastic.
  5. Protect floors when moving. Lay down plywood and “walk” furniture or appliances across it. Instead of hard, narrow furniture rollers, use wide rubber ones.
  6. Minimize direct sunlight. Throw rugs and curtains can help.
  7. Adopt a shoes-off policy. Pointy heels, heel taps or small stones stuck in shoe treads can gouge or scratch hardwood.
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